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About me

👋 Hi! I'm Lynn, a software engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience building and maintaining digital products, with a focus on the Web.

About you (hopefully?)

You're a company with an ethical business model that doesn't exploit anyone to do what it does (and maybe even does some good).

You know that the best products are made by diverse, inclusive, autonomous teams, and that good engineering is worth investing in.

What I do

I specialize in building backend systems, websites and cutting-edge web applications using tools like modern PHP and JavaScript (preferably, with TypeScript).

I have years of experience building fast, stable and maintainable backends, usually based on PHP or Node.js, and exposing a REST or GraphQL API.

When it comes to building websites and user interfaces, I'm heavily invested into React and the tools that build on top of it (Next.js, Gatsby, etc.), but I'm also open to working with other frameworks, like Vue.js or Angular.

Or course, I'm also always open to learning new things, so by no means am I restricting myself to the tech that I've listed here.


Freelance Software Engineer

2021 — current
I'm currently taking on freelance work. Get in touch if you have a project for me!


Software Engineer · Contract · Aug 2021 — Feb 2022

I worked with DataCamp in a contract position writing mainly frontend TypeScript code with React and Next.js, embedded in an existing team to help maintain and iterate on their public-facing web properties (i.e. everything on

This included communication with stakeholders, code reviews, managing the software development process using Jira and GitHub, as well as implementing designs built in Figma by the design team.


Infostud Group

Software Engineer · Full-time · 2017 — 2021

At Infostud, I participated in the development of greenfield projects across the entire stack (frontend, backend, DevOps), as well as being responsible for maintenance of legacy code, as part of the team behind Poslovi Infostud and HR Lab — the leading platforms for job seekers and employers in Serbia.

Tech-wise, I primarily worked with PHP and JavaScript/TypeScript, and deployed (greenfield) projects as Docker images to an internal Kubernetes cluster.

  • Worked on the rewrite of Poslovi Infostud's ATS product (now HR Lab ATS) using modern tech such as PHP 7+, React, GraphQL, Docker, and Kubernetes. HR Lab ATS is now the most widely-used ATS software in Serbia.
  • Built an internal payment platform that integrated with PayPal and NestPay (a proprietary payment platform) to enable HR Lab products to easily implement payment by credit card and other payment methods. On average, tens of thousands of dollars worth of payments passed through this service every month.
  • Maintained, the leading job board in Serbia, with over 1 million monthly unique users.
  • Built the current iteration of, the website for the HR Lab brand, in collaboration with a designer using React and Gatsby. Improved site performance by 300% compared to the previous iteration of the site.
  • Migrated a production website ( from Gatsby to Next.js, with no need for downtime or a feature freeze.
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines for the team's codebases using GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm.
  • Built, an OAuth 2-based frontend for the company's internal LDAP database. This resulted in a significantly friendlier user experience for employees logging into internal tools.
  • Built, an OAuth 2-based identity server for the HR Lab platform. This enabled HR Lab products to easily authenticate users through a central location.

Sol Press, LLC

Software Engineer · Contract · 2017 — 2020
I worked on various projects for Sol Press over the course of a few years, doing everything from web development to server administration, and largely being responsible for building their presence on the Web from scratch.


Intern · Mar 2017 — Apr 2017

Execom was merged into HTEC Group after I worked there.

During my internship at Execom, I worked independently on multiple Web-based projects for several weeks, using technologies like PHP and AngularJS.


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