E2E Testing an App with Clerk Authentication in Cypress

·☕ 1 min read

Background: Clerk is a hosted authentication and user management product. I recently started writing E2E tests in Cypress for an app that…

Simple, Privacy-Friendly, and Free Analytics Using Serverless Functions

·☕ 7 min read

Whether it's for work or play, most of us usually want some analytics on our websites, but the available options typically come with one…

PHP Debugging With Xdebug 3 Inside a Docker Container

·☕ 3 min read

I recently spent a good few hours getting Xdebug to work with my development setup (which is PhpStorm running inside WSL 2 on Windows 1…

On Docs, DX, and Developer Happiness

·☕ 6 min read

One thing I've increasingly taken notice of recently is that a lot of developers, especially in corporate environments, seem to tend to put…

Haxe + Flambe: An adventure

·☕ 4 min read

I recently built and released a small project, a web-based (HTML5 + Flash) game built using Haxe and Flambe. With the project as complete as…

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